Detailed Information on Lighting Taxonomy

“Lamps,” "Non-Directional Lamps," and “Directional Lamps” include incandescent, halogen, CFL, and LED lamps. “Tubular lamps” includes linear fluorescent lamps and LED retrofit tubular lamps that install directly into existing fluorescent luminaires and operate on the old fluorescent ballast.  

HID Retrofits
Retrofits for HID lamps are under “HID Lamps and LED Replacements for HID Lamps”.  

“Drivers/Controls” policies cover "Ballasts" (the electronics that run fluorescent and HID light source) and “Drivers” (the electronics that run LED light sources). We also included “Controls” (sensors that monitor the illuminated space and make adjustments to the light output), which we expect will be regulated by governments in the near future.