Detailed Information on Policy Instruments Taxonomy

In the CPRC, Policy Instruments include four sub-categories:

1) Minimum Performance Standards (MPS), which can cover energy and/or water
Minimum Energy Performance Standards set minimum efficiencies (or maximum energy consumption) that manufacturers must achieve with each product.

Minimum Water Performance Standards prescribe maximum water flow rate or volume that manufacturers must achieve with each product. Products are also often required to maintain a minimum flow rate to guarantee satisfactory performance.

2) Comparative Labels
Comparative Labels allow consumers to compare performance among similar products. The CPRC covers, but does not distinguish between, categorical labels (entailing discrete categories of performance) and continuous labels (using a continuous scale).

3) Endorsement Labels
Endorsement Labels provide a ‘seal of approval’ to inform prospective purchasers that the product fulfills a specified set of criteria without further gradation or categorization. They are usually voluntary.

4) Quality Standards
Quality standards set a minimum standard of product quality, such as minimum run-time on solar-powered lanterns or maximum permitted fuel emissions for cookstoves.