In 2022, CLASP tools saw major developments in response to the need for more data. In particular, the CPRC and Mepsy received robust new features and a sweeping review of hundreds of policies.

Mepsy now has data for eight appliance categories, with two new categories added in 2022. This past year, Mepsy was used to analyze 108 policies for CLASP partners, and we anticipate these numbers to increase even more in the coming years.

The CLASP Policy Resource Center (CPRC) had one of its largest policy updates to date. CLASP staff reviewed over 1,500 policies for 20+ economies, increasing the number of policies in the database to over 1,500. In 2022, the database saw visitors from over 70 countries explore policy data for 115 economies. In total, Mepsy and the CPRC received visitors from 86 countries who explored data in 182 regions.


Infographic with text accompanying various line illustrations of the data.  CLASP Tools in 2022.  Gall-Peters world map with countries shaded in orange (covered by Mepsy), striped (covered by the CPRC), orange and striped (covered by both), or gray (not covered) to represent tool coverage.  Visitors from 86 countries explored data covering 182 regions. 5 newsletters. 4 webinars. 2 new tools: on-mode computer testing tool & compliance kit. CPRC Polices: 409 updates, 1560 in total. Region with the most policies: 860 in Asia. Most searched: Table fans. Policy breakdown by category (pie chart with appliance categories slices proportional to representation in the CPRC).  Mepsy 8 appliance categories, two new added this year 108 policies analyzed for CLASP partners Projection year extended from 2030 to 2060 582.14% more user sessions (vs. 2021) - 280 vs 1910


In 2022, CLASP also launched two new tools: the On-Mode Computer Testing Tool and a Compliance Toolkit. The Computer Testing Tool is an open-source software for testing the energy-efficiency and performance of personal computers developed in collaboration with GTD and DIGITALEUROPE. Our compliance kit is an assembly of guides, research, and tools to educate policymakers and practitioners on policy compliance and help them design effective strategies to achieve the benefits of efficient appliances.

In 2023, CLASP plans to expand its suite of digital tools, while ensuring existing tools stay current. In January, we launched another tool, World’s Best MEPS, which tracks policy stringency for select appliances and regions. In February, we released the CPRC Appliance & Equipment Policy Tracker, which integrates data from the CPRC database into an interactive map. Over the course of the year, we will review and update policies within the CPRC for the top 20 highest emitting economies. Mepsy will continue to add appliances according to policymaker and research needs and play an active role in on-going policy opportunities.

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