The energy efficiency policy landscape is constantly evolving. To keep pace, CLASP has committed to keeping the information in the CLASP Policy Resource Center (CPRC) up to date with an annual review and revision process. This summer, we concluded the largest database update to date, bringing the total count of policies to over 1500.

CLASP prioritized its annual policy review to include high-impact economies (large CO2-emitting economies), as well as countries whose policies that had not been reviewed or revised in four years or more. In total CLASP updated over 400 policies spanning 36 economies (see map below) and 12 major product categories.

World map with countries colored orange to indicate that they were updated

CLASP will continue to update policies in the CPRC on an annual basis. This cycle will ensure that the CPRC is comprehensive, accurate, and responsive to ongoing policymaking efforts. To be notified of future updates and other CLASP tools news, sign up for our newsletter here.