Over the past year, the CLASP Policy and Research Center (CPRC) has significantly expanded its database with the addition of more than 300 new and revised policies spanning 44 countries.

Notable additions include 19 new minimum energy performance standards in Ghana; new mandatory labeling requirements in India for deep freezers, light commercial ACs, and televisions; alignment of UK appliance policies with the European Union; the addition of Togo to the database; and several new and expanded MEPS in Vietnam, Singapore, Turkey, and more.

The CPRC now contains over 1,600 policies and minimum performance standards from 130 countries, including those for off-grid products.

As a freely accessible tool, the CPRC stands as the most comprehensive global policy platform of its kind. Visitors can create customizable, aggregated lists of policies, delve into individual policies for more detailed insights, and make data-driven, internationally informed decisions.

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