CLASP conducts frequent and thorough research to maintain the CPRC. All policy information featured in the database is collected directly from official government websites or from policymakers and reliable partners. When available, policies in the CPRC database include a link to an official policy. In the absence of publicly available information, we may reference a partner’s presentation, a website, or specify the absence of such information in a note on the policy detail page.

All policies are categorized according to Policy Instrument, Policy Approach, and Product Type - with notes that detail any and all revisions.

Policy Instruments and Policy Approach

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Adopted & Revised

Policies whose status is "Entered into Force" will be marked as "Adopted" with a corresponding adoption year. Policies that have been revised will be marked as "Revised" with a corresponding year of revision.

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Product Taxonomy

Our taxonomy includes policies for 132 products. We categorized Policy Instruments under 14 filterable high-level categories. The details of each category are presented below.

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