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2021 Aspen Energy Code
This policy contains heat pump requirements for residential buildings, including single-family homes. It also contains controls requirements for heat pump supplementary heat in commercial buildings.

Residential Buildings

Heat pump requirement text: 

All residential buildings: "The installation of a new or replacement, upgrade or relocation of an existing air conditioning condensing unit shall be replaced with a reverse cycle air conditioning condensing unit (heat pump)."

Effective date:1/1/2023

Single-family residential buildings: 

"Requires installation of heat pump air conditioning when new air conditioning is
installed or replaced"

Effective date:1/1/2023

Commercial Buildings

Controls requirement text: 

1. C403.4.1.1 Heat pump supplementary heat. Heat pumps having combustion equipment or electric resistance
equipment for supplementary space heating shall have controls that are configured to prevent supplemental heat
operation when the capacity of the heat pump compressor can meet the heating load and limit supplemental
heat operation to only those times when one of the following applies:For space heating systems, the vapor
compression cycle cannot provide the necessary heating energy to satisfy the thermostat setting.
Exception: For forced-air systems, the vapor compression cycle cannot provide a supply air temperature of 85°F or
2. The heat pump is operating in defrost mode.
3. The vapor compression cycle malfunctions.
4. For space heating systems, the thermostat malfunctions"

Effective date 3/31/2023

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